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PRSA’s Public Relations Definition

As a former director of the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), I’ve long reflected on the successes and failures of larger organizations’ complex, multi-dimensional communications programs.  PRSA has arrived at a surprisingly simple definition of PR; in my opinion, establishing “Square One” for practitioners who lose their way…

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

U.S. Domain Name Services

I’m pleased to announce the birth of U.S. Domain Name Services. In its infancy, it will feature premium domain names available for purchase or lease, such as Social Media Predictions, Hybrid Car Ratings, and Trendsy.  Give it a click…


U.S. Domain Name Services

2013′s Best Ohio Journalists

The Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) have announced the 2013 winners of Ohio’s Best Journalism:


Ohio’s Best Journalism Awards


Katrina at Cartridge World, Thank You

I try to recycle as much as I can. It’s spring cleaning time here in my office and I found several laser-toner cartridges in a storage cabinet. They were all for printers that I replaced many moons ago. So I called a Cartridge World store in Cleveland, Ohio (Kamm’s Plaza, to be exact) and asked if they would take them.  Katrina, who answered the phone said, sure, they’d take them off my hands.

To make a long story short, after my drop-off today I realized that this Cartridge World location has always given me professional, prompt and friendly service during my visits over the years.

And I’m also reminded that ( no matter how effective a business is at social media and online marketing), particularly for brick-and-mortar retailers dealing face-to-face with customers, success comes down to consistently providing excellent customer service… That’s what customers remember.

Thanks for the reminders, Katrina.

Nonprofit Membership Surveys in Ohio

It’s been my pleasure of late to help two Ohio nonprofits get to know their members’ online preferences.  The goal for both highly social groups is to use survey results to know, then serve, their members’ informational and social needs better.

One nonprofit organization is a church in Portage County, near Ravenna; the other a professional association in Cuyahoga County, near Cleveland.  For the church, this is its first online membership survey.  For the professional group, I facilitated surveying its members’ needs for the first time exactly 10 years ago.

Both nonprofits are long overdue for polling their members. Both groups’ leaders are looking forward to their respective survey outcomes. So am I.

Membership surveys are a smart and wonderful way to get to know small-town congregations and big-city professionals better. Survey results sometimes surprise and sometimes confirm… and they’re always beneficial to service organizations.

Social Marketing Communications

Today, I searched for Social Marketing Communications.  The unpaid, organic search results?  (Drum roll, please.)  My favorite social media service provider owns the top spot on the coveted Google Page One:


Google Results for Social Marketing Communications


Nonprofit Newswire Search: Awareness

Today, I searched Nonprofit Newswire® for press releases containing the keyword “awareness.”  As a result, I learned that March is Patient Safety Awareness Month.  Click the link to review the search results for this and more press releases from nonprofits that are raising public awareness for their important causes.  Or you can search for another word or phrase.  What will you learn today?


Nonprofit Newswire®

Women’s Gold Rings Domain Name

As long as online shoppers type in keywords, exact-match domain names such as Women’s Gold Rings dotcom will be premium domains and much-prized internet addresses for online retailers.  This particular domain name has year-round appeal well beyond the holiday gift-giving season, because women’s gold wedding rings and gold engagement rings are part of important 365-day-per-year social activities.

And of course, that means year-round consumer demand for online retailers to harvest. Pure gold. for Sale

Political Campaign Organizing Online

“I’m keeping my options open.”

I received a call from an online political campaign organizer asking if I’m running for office in the Cleveland area. FitzGerald is a recognized name in Cuyahoga County.  I told him the above.

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